Turning a Mishap in an Adventure in NYC

This article is sponsored by KIWI Protect-All spray, as always all opinions are my own.


Now that NYC is my home base for my travels, I have been able to own a few more pairs of shoes than when I was traveling nonstop and living out of my backpack. I love boots and high top sneakers the most. I’m out and about exploring NYC almost every day and I was really hoping my shoes would last a long time. That’s why I was so excited to try KIWI Protect-All® spray which is now available to buy online directly on KIWI’s website, us.KIWIcare.com. It’s a shoe spray that guards against elements and extends the life of your shoes. I thought it would be perfect to protect my boots and sneakers from the elements of NYC.


I was given some KIWI Protect-All® to try and I loved it so much I sprayed all of my shoes with it! I’ve recommended it to my friends and family. On my street, they spread a lot of salt and this has really protected my shoes from those ugly salt stains. Now I feel more confident to explore everything NYC has to offer and to show around friends who have come to visit me.



My good friend Vinnie came from Los Angeles and since I’m new to NYC I was hoping I could show him a great time! It was his first time in the city. I met him in Times Square, many New Yorkers and probably some tourists hate Times Square but I don’t. You never know what will be happening there. There are art installations, incredible dancers and musicians. I took him to Rockefeller Center and St. Patricks Cathedral.



After that, we were heading to the Staten Island Ferry on the F train when suddenly the F train went across the East River into Brooklyn and I realized my mistake. I thought the F would take us further south in Manhattan towards the ferry but this F train was heading to Coney Island. I was a little embarrassed but I decided to ask Vinnie if he would like to visit the famed Coney Island. It was winter so I wasn’t sure he’d be up for it-but he was!


We had to ride the F train all the way to the end, almost an hour and just about 20 miles! I personally had never been there in the winter.
When we arrived at Coney Island and stepped off of the train it was eerily empty compared to other visits I had taken in the summer. Vinnie was very excited as we made our way towards to the beach because he recognized many different spots where they had filmed some of his favorite movies.




We walked to the boardwalk and it was actually really neat to have it all to ourselves. The beach is beautiful and the water was peaceful. Vinnie and I are both photographers so we had a fantastic time snapping shots without the usual crowds to bother us. We grabbed hot dogs for lunch at a well-known place and ate with a view of the ocean. There were only a few people fishing. I was thrilled that I turned my mishap into an adventure. I’m proud to say that we had one the best days of his trip that day visiting a nearly empty Coney Island.



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