10 Replies to “Exploring the Winter Forest – Etna, Maine”

  1. Fantastic photos Anna. I wish we had photos like that over here in the uk. I love following your adventures, keep it up Anna

  2. Wonderful photos! You look so snug and warm =] This is my first visit to your blog and I can’t wait to get reading up on your other posts.

  3. Haha I love these photos! It looks like it was a lot of fun to shoot 🙂

  4. Anna, While in the area, you should have swung by Blue Hill, Maine – SteriPEN headquarters. You could have picked up your new SteriPEN in person!

    1. I just noticed this, I grew up in Maine! I am so excited!! I’ve been to Blue Hill tons of times. I even bought a pen in Bangor but they didn’t mention that you were Maine based. Happy to support such an all around awesome local business!
      anna recently posted…Getting a Travel Tattoo-Cincinnati, OhioMy Profile

  5. Fantastic! Your hat is so cute.. 🙂

  6. my dear child,,,do you want to get your head blown off? walking thru the woods in that blk-bear ,,[goofe-looking hat] and a blk furry coat,,,my god child ,,are you nuts? we read every year how some idiot [ dressed in red/orange ] getz blow away by some trigger-happy goofball out for a fast winter meal,,?????pull your head ”out” girl,,,you just might make it to your 30th b-day???????????????jesus what a drip,,,,,

  7. I discovered your blog while looking for information for traveling to Ireland. My eye caught this article, as the little town of Etna is only 20 minutes from me. Nothing like a beautiful winter day in Maine!

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