The Food and Drinks You Can’t Miss in Dominican Republic


I visited Dominican Republic a few years ago in Cabarete and Las Terrenas on the North Eastern Coast, this year I returned to Puerto Plata and Cabarete. Dominican Republic is one of the Caribbean’s most geographically diverse countries, with stunning mountain scenery, desert scrublands, waterfalls, evocative colonial architecture, beautiful beaches and of course-incredible food! I grew up in Maine, so I’m a huge fan of seafood! I was delighted to try some of the best seafood I’ve ever had on this trip! I also enjoyed a variety of fresh fruit!


Casita de Papi in Cabarete has been serving the finest seafood on Cabarete Beach for 20 years. Dine with sand under your feet, the sound of ocean waves gently rolling and the stars and palm trees above. This lobster with a rich creamy sauce was to die for! They had delectable crab cakes, fresh juices and more. I will definitely make my way back here!


Dominicans love seasoned, grilled chicken and will usually serve it with deep fried plantains and rice.


Dominican Republic doesn’t produce wine but don’t worry you can still find plenty of wine there! Personally I prefer a rum cocktail!


Catch or buy your own fish! I bought these from a young boy at the beach for a couple dollars. I brought them home, chopped off their heads and grilled them up coated with mayonnaise and lime chips. They were delicious!


I had passion fruit everything! When you cut the fruit open you see a yellow to reddish pulp that is full of black seeds. This fragrant and delicious-tasting pulp can be eaten on its own or mixed into any kind of drink.


I loved it in this cocktail at sunset!


We visited this awesome hydroponic greenhouse at the eco-friendly Extreme Hotel, they had star fruit and a delicious restaurant!


I could drink this juice every morning!


The tropical welcome drinks at Casa Colonial Hotel really made me feel like I was on vacation. Their restaurant was divine.


I have an addiction to ceviche. This was heavenly.


Who wouldn’t want to sip on one of these and watch the sun set?!


The welcome bowl of fruit was great, I love having so many healthy options to start my day!


If there is something I’m addicted to more than ceviche, it’s chocolate. WOW!


My favorite treat at Viva Wyndham V Heavens was ordering a fresh fruit plate to my room, when you’re in Dominican Republic you have to take advantage of the abundance of yummy fruit!


I can never have enough fresh coconuts. There is just something so refreshing about fresh coconuts! Don’t forget to save yours after you drink it so you can bring it back and ask them to cut the white coconut meat out for you.


The flan and chocolate lava cakes at Gansevoort Playa Imbert were out of this world! I even got some extra to go!






I was invited as a guest of the Dominican Republic Board of Tourism, as always all opinions are my own.

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