The Incredible Adventures You Should Take in Dominican Republic


As you know by the name of my website, I love to get out of my comfort zone and have adventures. Dominican Republic, which, in recent years, has become one of the world’s most-buzzed-about destinations, with its delicious food, postcard-perfect beaches, turquoise waters and lush, diverse landscape. I love nature and Dominican Republic features a wide variety of wildlife including an interesting variety in the country’s protected areas and national parks. There are tons of birds, frogs, lizards and snakes. You can even swim with humpback whales and wild dolphins in the Dominican Republic waters. This was my second visit to Dominican Republic and having so much fun in such a breathtaking place is my idea of the perfect trip! (all activities at your own risk)


I couldn’t help but want to play on this water trampoline I saw from the beach in Puerto Plata! It reminded me of the summer camps on lakes in Maine that I went to as a kid.

I can’t recommend enough to catch a ride on a “motoconcho” or Dominican motorcycle taxi! They are cheap, get you where you want to go and are a exciting ride! My friends and I took one to the grocery store to buy my favorite chocolate and coffee for friends and family! (Lets be real, I ate all the chocolate.)


One of my biggest fears has always been surfing. I’m not a strong swimmer and my friend told me a story of this woman getting smashed in the face with a surfboard, it broke her nose and knocked out her teeth! What a nightmare. On top of drowning or getting bashed on the coral! I was so nervous about doing this!! I even told them before I came on the trip that I would go with everyone to our lesson but might decide not to do it. You can see my fear in the top right photo.

Thankfully, I knew that personally Marcus was a fantastic surf coach! Several years earlier two little girls I travel nanny for took surf lessons with him and they had a fantastic experience at 321takeoff surf school-I know because I often watched their lessons. Marcus always tried to get me in the water too but I declined. He has such a love of surfing he even offered me lessons for free! Three years later, I’m back! I decided to trust Marcus and go for it! I only fully stood up once for a couple seconds but that was enough for me! I had a great time with a really wonderful teacher!


One thing you have to do in Dominican Republic is to take a roadtrip! I drove all over the Samana Peninsula with my friend Samuel and we had grand adventures!


We camped on this beach, it was pure magic.

I made a new friend, Alyssa from travel blog Adjust Your Focus, we did an awesome atv exploration with Outback Adventures! They showed us a local home and the drive through the countryside was quite scenic!


Local swimming holes in Dominican Republic are pure paradise.


We did a hike to 27 Waterfalls, where basically you go up-then you get to slide and jump down all the waterfalls! Heck yes!!


Hiking is one of my favorite things to do in Dominican Republic! You never know what you will find!


This was my first time playing with monkeys! We could see them at Monkey Jungle, which is a very special place not just because of the squirrel monkeys but because all of the proceeds go towards a medical and dental clinic for those who can’t afford healthcare. They even send locals to dental school! The squirrel monkeys are not kept in cages and were a real delight!
This is the founder and some of the medicine they’ve collected.img_26199img_0582

Take a yoga class on the ocean!


Take a ride up Teleférico Puerto Plata, the only cable car in the Caribbean.


Get silly in your hotel room! haha!


Make sure to say hi to the friendly locals!


Trapeze class at Extreme Hotel was a fear that I didn’t know I had! I didn’t want to do it and after I went once, I just had to go again-I mean with my onsie how could I not go?!


After all of the adventures, sometimes you just have to take a nap!




I was invited as a guest of the Dominican Republic Board of Tourism, as always all opinions are my own.

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