Cruise Trip Packing List for Girls

IMG_9521Cruise trip packing list for girls

There is a perception among lots of younger people that cruises are just for the older generation. This is definitely a misconception, as they offer the chance to see lots of ports in one go, plus the possibility to take your latest A/W or S/S wardrobe out for a spin.

Mediterranean cruises often stop in fashionable destinations like Cannes (France) or Ibiza (Spain), so you will want to show off your stylish side and compete with the locals when you step ashore. Here are some top classic items to pack on a Mediterranean cruise.

Sunglasses & swimwear

Many cruise ships have a sundeck or swimming pool where you can relax in the sunshine on board. There also tend to be stops at beautiful Mediterranean beaches. This means you will want to have the latest swimwear tucked into a corner of your case somewhere, plus sunglasses and a hat.

Popular 2016 trends include swimming costumes with cut-out sections and low backs, and bikinis with a crocheted or frilly trim. Stripes are very firmly in, while high-waisted bikini bottoms suit those who want to opt for a less revealing look. Of course, a classic white or black one-piece is always a popular option and it never goes out of fashion.

Sunglasses range from aviators to chunky frames, and different shapes include round or cat-eye options. If you’re looking for a hat, wide or floppy hats in black, white or tan colours tend to be on trend.

Evening and daywear

As with most holidays, you should try to keep your baggage light and restrict the number of items you take. Even if you are going for a few weeks, you don’t need to pack the kitchen sink and there are plenty of ships with laundry or dry cleaning services. Take a few sundresses, light tops, shorts and jeans or light trousers for the daytime.

Evening wear on cruises these days is much less formal than it used to be. There are still some formal dinners, but you can usually check with your provider when you book. You might want to take a few fancier dresses – like a little black dress or some of those clothes you’ve worn once but fancy digging out again.

Getting dressed up for dinner a couple of times is a lot of fun, and you might feel like eating out in some beautiful Mediterranean restaurants. Maxi dresses, or a nice jumpsuit, provide a comfortable yet classy look, so make sure you take them. Packing these items on the top of your case will ensure that they don’t crease too easily. You can also request extra coat hangers in your room if needed.


Don’t forget a few pieces of jewelry, a pair of nice heels and a bag that matches lots of your clothes – these will allow you to dress up an outfit you’ve worn during the day for the evening.

It’s also good to be a bit ruthless with your make-up bag – you don’t need to take every eye shadow or blusher you’ve ever bought! Essentials like BB cream can really save you space since they act as a moisturizer, foundation, serum, primer and sun cream in one product. BB cream is perfect for the daytime, as it is not heavy for your skin. Take a couple of eyeshadows and lipsticks, blusher, mascara and an eye liner for the evening, and you should be all set.

Try to limit yourself to four pairs of shoes: one comfy pair for exploring, one pair of flip-flops or casual sandals, one pair of dressy sandals and a pair of heels. If you aren’t into heels, try wedges for comfort.

The minimal rule also applies to toiletries. Shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, toothpaste and a moisturizing cream should be enough products. Most stores now sell small bottles too, and you can always restock onshore or inside the cruise ship shops.

Finally, remember to leave some space for any items you buy while you are away – local shops and markets abound in the Med! Have a blast on your Mediterranean cruise.

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