Seljavallalaug Pool-A Hidden Gem of Iceland

Seljavallalaug pool in the South of Iceland was my favorite off the beaten path thing that we did in Iceland. It was built by locals in 1923 so that more Icelanders could learn how to swim. The entire area is a photographers dream! There are some basalt columns at the beginning and then it’s a pretty easy hike through beautiful mountain scenery to the pool. You do have to cross a stream but we didn’t find it difficult. If you are planning on swimming I do recommend it in the warmer months. We dipped in March and it was warm as it is fed by hot springs but not warm enough with the cold air. Even if you don’t swim the hike there is gorgeous, I really enjoyed the various rock formations.08-IMG_6327 11-IMG_6101 14-IMG_6237 12-IMG_6134 02-IMG_6163 03-IMG_6198 13-IMG_6213 26-IMG_0392 23-IMG_6444 15-IMG_6301 06-IMG_6129 04-purplehat.jpg 16-IMG_6319 09-IMG_6303 18-IMG_6378 19-IMG_6380 27-IMG_6340 10-IMG_6351 17-IMG_6362 20-IMG_6385 22-IMG_6406

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  1. cheri ellefson

    April 6, 2015 at 7:42 pm

    Great photos! My friend and I took beautiful shots of this not-so-secret pool yesterday. Excited to post photos soon of all of Iceland! Thanks for sharing your experience.


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